The reason for chapped lips is usually too little moisture. Dry air, sun, wind, cold and even dust can cause dry lips.

Yes, Carmex lip balm consists of a unique mixture of different ingredients, including natural moisturizers such as cocoa butter and lanolin. These ingredients and other moisturizing ingredients give the lips a healthy look by restoring lost moisture and preventing dry and chapped lips.

Carmex helps with dry, chapped lips through its moisturising and soothing effect. Apply Carmex generously and evenly as often as necessary several times a day.

Yes! We recommend using Carmex before and after applying lipstick. The moisture is thus retained or restored, the lipstick is easier to apply and the lips remain soft and smooth.

Carmex contains camphor and menthol. These ingredients give Carmex a cooling effect and soothe irritated skin on rough, chapped lips. They support a healthy appearance, which you can also feel.

No. We have never tested our product on animals - instead, our family members serve as guinea pigs. Of course, all Carmex products are subject to strict chemical tests and thorough testing before they leave our premises.

For years Carmex was a well kept secret tip of models, stars and make-up professionals. But no secret is for eternity. Carmex is now one of the most popular lip care products worldwide, selling over 170 times per minute.